donderdag 8 januari 2015

Building SPACESHIP!!!

Last week I finally got it added to my collection, the coolest set of the The Lego Movie, Benny`s (aka, that 80s something space guy) Spaceship.

Yes, you can all come clean, admit it you laughed out loud when he finally is allowed to build something, and you all have been yelling `Spaceship!` at every opportune (and inopportune) moment the weeks and months afterwards...

Opening the box, we get two instuction manuals, a sticker sheet and 7 bags of goodness.  Now this is, as you will see, a very technical build, and not suited for young children.  On the other hand, the play features on the set are just fantastic.

We start with the first set of minifigures, being Emmet in his robot disguise, Wyldstyle in her space jump suit, and a Mech trooper.

The first bag contains actually both support craft of Benny`s ship, whom will be attached to the wing tips later on, and the small enemy craft, which poses no threat at all to the huge, classic space coloured block of awesomeness.

The snall auxiliary vessels, which need to be build twice, are pretty straightforward and simple things.

They do come with fold up wings, one will act as the tip of the large ship, while the other will be put upwards while `docked`

Adding the controls and the HUD on the windscreen.

And the two small vessels are all done.

The enemy craft is a bit bigger, and based on the base build principle of many older, smaller vessels of having a pilot `cup`.

The wings with lasermounts are then build and attached to the frame.

Putting on the engine block and the fuselages

With the fully enclosing canopy and the decals then added, the small vessel is also ready and we move on to the main attraction...

The base of the vessel is a sequence of interconnecting pieces with technic pins.

A glide system is build up for the rear center engine, the reasons will become apparant later on.

The same system is also implemented to build the wings, as they will be retractable once the vessel is completed.

The next elongated section contains the housing for the `warp core`, as well as the seats for our heroes to take place on.

That`s a lot of buttons to push!

The small frontal wings are then build and attached to the bodywork

The logo that formed a whole generation of 80s kids...

The nosecone is then build and put in the front, finishing the base for the command section and attaching it to the rear section.  As you can see, this is no small vessel...

The warp core display is then added to the engine section

The wings are up next, coming with the rails to go into the sliding grid we made earlier.

The vessel starts to bulk out now

Next up are the engines.  Three large rocket boosters propel this ship into infamy and infinity!

By connecting the central one using technic parts to the wings, this means that if you push the engine inwards, the wings expand and the large missiles become available for firing at the enemy.

The warp core is getting it`s dilithium crystals ;-)

Next up, we get Astro Kitty.  I love the small space logo printed arch that makes up her body!

And she brought a friend, the uber cool, awesome hero of the movie: BENNY!  He is still a strong candidate for my next tattoo...

Next, we start building up the bodywork of the vessel, starting with the tail end seperation.

And the engineering section gets the necessary controls as well...

The central gunner hatch, where Astro Kitty can take place, is then being constructed, coming with two of the springloader missile launchers.

This can swirl upwards to reveal the engineering section

The cockpit is then build up and the canopy added, showing the vessels sleek lines better.

Supports for the back section are next on the building menu, locking the engine and wing connections firmly in place.

As this is covered up, we start working on another small play feature:

The drone bay.  Containing two small robots that can be stored there.

The upper parts of the wings, which house the large missile launchers, are next

These will swing upwards when the wings are expanded, and as such reveal the large shooters, unavailable to fire in the closed position.

The logo is featured prominently along the whole ship, in both printed and decalled style.

The radar dish can fold down to cover the drone bay, or open (and control) the robots as the bay is accessible then.

Two more small engines are added, and the auxiliary craft docked to the wings, and we have one nasty, big build spaceship.

Which comes ofc also with a heap of extra left over parts

The full, completed set:

This truly is a great build, both for display and for playability.  And all the parts nicely lock together for that all time swooshing, while yelling Spaceship! Spaceship! SPACESHIP!!!! through the living room... and scaring the heck out of any adults present ;-)

And here she stands on display, side by side for me the two most awesome sets of 2014!

And yes, of course I swooshed it...

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