maandag 19 januari 2015

Inspirational Lego 3: Chibis are to cute

There are constanlty a heap of awesome building contests running on the internet, most for good sports and the occassional small price, but the goal of all of them remains the same: share awesome creations with the outside world.

Brothers Brick had one recently in which participants had to build Chibi (japanese `cute` figures) style, like the current line of Star Wars Microfighters

And the results where awesome!

My total personal favorites out of this selection (there where many more great builds) are The Joker, the Harry Potter bus and the DeLorean.

Okay, and that Thunderbirds base is rather impressive as well:

Next time, Inspirational will be returning with round 2 of the MELo, so it might be a few days earlier then next monday...

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