zondag 26 juni 2016

Build Report: 4000010 Lego House

The second special set I brought back from Billund, the Lego House is based on the building Lego is placing in the heart of the little town to become "the capital of Lego".

This set is special in that it is sold by every merchant in Billund (the baker, the hairdresser, etc etc) for 150 DKK (about 20 euro) a set.  This to compensate for the problems that might arise to local economy by the works.

A 250 piece set, this architecture is full of white elements mostly, and contrary to regular Architecture series also features a special Minifigure.

Opening the box, we get the bags of elements and the booklet which also gives some background and information about the Lego House.

We start the build with black plates, upon which the structure will be put in tradition with the Architecture line.

These plates are bordered with tiles, and light grey jumpers are placed to make the garden.

As the small tress are placed on the nobs, we start working inwards with transparent elements.

The black plates for the front side are then added to the build, giving us the full ground plate of the build.

The printed Lego tile to go on the front.

More grey tiles make up the circumference of the area, and the stairs to enter the house are build on the sides.

The middle section is then filled up, allowing the placement of the next modules to go on top of this.

White tiles are used to make the top of the building nice and smooth.

We then proceed to start laying the next level of the House on the build, and smooting those out as well using white tiles.

The center is set up to house the big white 2x4 brick that, like in the real life building, will go on top to truly represent what it is all about.

Next, we build the corner section for the first floor, and we repeat this four times.

These are then placed on the model, and the openings covered up.

The central hole is then nicely smoothed out.

And with the placement of the iconic brick, the build is completed:

Like any set, you get a few extra pieces as well:

In a way, this set is a bit of a shame.  It`s only available in Billund itself, so you really need to get there to obtain one, or be prepared to pay the top money to get a copy for yourself.  It`s a nice little set, containing a LOT of white elements, and looks okay on any display shelf. So if you happen to get there, or have someone going there, ask them to bring one along.

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