woensdag 8 juni 2016

Build report: 41110 Birthday Party

In today`s build, I got one of the new Friends sets that came out the beginning of the year.  

And by God, I really loved it, so much I even got one as a Dirty Brickster price.  Because all you seem to get these days in those contests are City sets...

The set comes with two bags of parts, the instructions and a green plate.

The first bag yields us our Friends mini-doll, as well as the birthday star, a cute little white rabbit.

A small gift with a nice flower part is the very first thing we are building in this set.

The set contains of some loose standing scenes for the party, and we begin the first, a swing for the rabbit to sit on.

Using the large pastel blue pillars, we get height into the swing.

The swing cushion and mechanism are then assembled.

This is attached to the pillars of the build, and can actually swing fore and aft.  All that remains on this piece is to add some decorations.

Then we move on to the second part of the set, a large garden table that also holds the birthday cake.  this starts out on the green curved plates as the base.

Those are connected by 2x6 white bricks to keep it in place, and who are then build up to give the whole thing a more festive look.

I like the way they handled the garden chair look...

Next up the huge cake is made, of course with a carrot for the birthday bunny :-)

This is then placed on the tablebuild, and the second part of the set is completed as well.

The main build of the set, if you can call it that, is the central stage.  this is based on the large green plate.

While the base for a tree is made on the right side (of the picture), tan bricks make up the podium floor.

The stage also comes with a rotating center area, for which the turntable element is already placed on the floor.

This rotating center is decorated with trans studs in order to give the impression of a sort of "disco floor".

The stage area is then overcapped with white arches.

Next, we build a small piano on the side of the podium.  I think it`s a really cool way how they handled this, with the use of white grill elements for the keys.

Next some decorations are added, in the form of some party balloons and rows of spots for more disco time baby!

This singing bird is the third figure, and second animal, that comes in the set, and will be singing in the micro that is placed on the piano as we complete the section.

Like any set, we get some extra pieces, and it is quite a nice selection for this one.

And the full set stands completed:

Definitly one of the better Friends sets of recent months, I really liked the birthday "sub theme" more then last years black and dark pink "pop star" line.  Perhaps due to the high amount of animals in it, I can`t say, but I like the fun and light approach of the line.

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