woensdag 1 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager

Today`s classic build is one of the iconic ships of the original Space line, and it was also one of the big and massive, yet modular, vessels.

I guess this is sort of the "fat aunt" in the Benny`s Spaceship family line, as sleek is the one thing that this flying laboratory ship isn`t.

It came with no less then 4 spacemen, including the rather rare black version.

The first thing we put together is a small utility car that is stored in the vessel and serves for hauling material around.

We then move to the main build, and the front pilot cockpit.  This forms the point of a very long bodywork based on Technic bricks.

This whole frame is plated up, with a lowerable ramp at the back of the ship.

Engines and the landing gear are placed at the bottom of the vessel.

The sides are build up, trans-yellow bricks are used as windows, and printed Space logos adorn the sides.

As the sides are slowly closed up, white wingwedges are added into these side builds.

The large cargo bay like area of the vessel is then added, bulking out the ship.

The roof that goes on this area of the vessel is then constructed, including small engines on it.

In the meantime, we put the bigger engines of the vessel on the wings.

We move to the detachable lab section of the ship, which starts with a white place on blue technic bricks.

The underside gets support struts as landing gear.

The inside is then build up, with computer screens for the crew to work with.

These are then fully closed up as wall panels get placed and these are then secured using plates.

Small engines are added to the labsection as well.  I can imagine this bulky "space train" needs some serious thrust power.

The roof for the lab is then build, including angeld corner elements.

A sensor dish is then placed between these, and the roof is connected to the laboratory.

The final parts are two mini builds, with material containers for the astronauts to explore planets and asteroids.

And then the laboratory module is ready for action

The full set in it`s deployed form

And the full set completed in it`s spaceship mode.

It`s quite an impressive ship, even after 30 years, and I adore the playability of this clearly exploration orientated vessel.  A true classic, it is often overlooked for the more `sleek` vessels, but for me it still is one of the nicer sets from the classic Space range.

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