woensdag 22 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 7040 Dwarves' Mine Defender

In today`s classic build we are going back to the fantasy era of the Castle line, when Orc battled it out with Dwarf.

Hailing from 2008, this small set of 70 odd parts did come with three figures, namely a Dwarf and two Orc soldiers.

One of those Orcs is the standard bearer, with the large plastic banner on his pole.

The Mine Defender, a fearsome looking machine that hauls cutting blades to the battle, starts his life on a grey plate and black Technic bricks.

The wheel pins are added as well as the hinges for the front lift, before we plate up the top and add brown slopes for the sides.

A chain runs over the middle of the vehicle, held in place by using curved bricks.

This serves for the large catapult that is mounted on the machine.

The lifting arms for the cutter blades are made, and then this construction is added on the front of the machine.

Wheels are added and the machine is ready

The full set completed:

This was a nice little set back then, and a good `army builder` pack like they do these days with the Star Wars lines.  If your into Fantasy, definitly pick up one of these for your dwarven forces.

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