zaterdag 25 juni 2016

Build Report: 40166 Legoland Train

Since I went to Billund last weekend, I of course couldn`t pass up buying this years Legoland Parcs exclusive set, the Legoland Train.

On sale in the parc for around 30 euro (199 DKK), it`s a just under 200 pieces set, and resembles the little trains that run around the parcs.

Opening the box you get three bags of parts and some stickers.

The set comes with 4 minifigures, being a train conductor and a family consisting of mother, father and son.

The locomotive is the first thing we are going to be building.  Based around two long yellow plates and a smaller green one, the set features a lot of colours making it all cheery and bright.

Yellow plates and slopes are added to make the bottom plate of the train complete and you get the outline of the vehicle.

At the underside, the small wheels and the ball joint for the small car that will come behind it are added.

Flipping it back up, the train engine is then build up, using a lot of bright colours in blue and red.  The lettering and the conductor panel are stickered on.

The green bricks on the side of the driver compartment carry the Legoland name.

The cabin is then build up around the driver area to make it look like a steamengine.

The small roof is then put together using red roofslopes, and with the details added to it is placed on top of the cabin.

The steam engine is then completed.

Based on a single 4x4 plate, we are then putting together the small car which in ancient days would have contained the coals, but now carries some tools for in the park.

This is build up with green bricks, and then yellow steps and red plates with hooks are attached to hold the tools.

The wheels and ball joint connectors are attached to the underside of the cart.

And as we put the tools in, the little fella is hooked on behind the locomotive.

The third wagon of this little train is the one the visitors can ride along in.  This also starts on a yellow plates, with a green edge added first, leaving openings for the passengers to step in.

Red curved elements streamline this wagon, as jumpers are placed for the benches.

The underside once more has balljoints, allowing you to build more passenger or other wagons to add to the train for, let`s say your own theme park.

The windows and support columns are in blue, and they are placed on the wagon next. 

The roof is then made, using again red slopes, a green detailing and a yellow bar, making it also a very colourful section.

The section is then connected to the train as well.

The final part of the set to be build is a small platform where the park visitors can wait on the tourist train.  This is a simple build, with stickers for the flag and layout of the park.

Like any Lego set, you get some extra pieces.

And the full set completed:

This is a lovely little train, and it is standing nicely on my display shelf.  It`s one of those sets I just had to build and report about as soon as I could, being part of the memory of the Billund trip, and the same is for the Billund House architecture set, which I`ll be posting tomorrow.

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