zondag 26 juni 2016

The Haul Report # 35

Well, the Billund trip loot wasn`t the only stuff I managed to pick this week, as some odds and ends came in as well.

It actually all started on that early morning past saturday, when I was waiting for the bus to Denmark.

One of my mates and I had some trading going round, and we brought the stuff along so that the people that brought us to the gathering point could take it along.  This trade yielded me a Pirates set, one of the two Harry Potter Quidditch sets for my one day to start stadium, some sails and figures and a additional brown hull to build a future boat on.

Over in Denmark, the people that where on the Mechelen Speeldag (end of May if you want to look at that picture report) received their Event Brick from that day as well.  Considering the theme this year was Space, the use of the space logo makes it a nifty looking brick.
 Talking bricks, Cathy of Mijn Blokje had brought along my order to Denmark as well, some more engraved 1x6s for "some" projects I have in the pipeline the coming years.  Yes, one day (like, in a millenium or so lol) I will be having a full lay out of Middle Earth lol.

Back home, some small Brick Link orders had arrived.  The first an Oola from Star Wars minifig, who will become an Orion slave girl, and the second some white sloped bricks I needed to finish the Oberth vessel I showed earlier this week.

Friday, I went to do my regular tour of goodwill stores, and in Kringloop I found this Harry Potter cluedo variant.  I still need to check if it`s complete before handing it over to the kid, but at first sight it looked fine.

I also picked up some movies from those stores, me an the GF loved Ga`hoole and I think it`s a nice one to watch with the Smurf one day in the summer vacation.  The others are basically background movies to watch while sorting and building with my bricks.

The final find is pretty cool.  In a junkstore, Kilomeet, you get to buy stuff by the kilo, and the toy department on that part is usually real rubbish of broken knock off toys.  Never the less, my eye fell on the Gamorrean Guard, and as you always definitly have to pay for the first kilo (a full 0.50 euro) I rummaged a bit through the bins and found some loose Lego part amongst it.  Especially the torso with Mars head was nice, and the whole lot remained at the same price anyways...

So a couple of great items added to the collection again this week, and now I`m going to enjoy a week where I don`t have any shifting in plans, just a straight, lazy week ahead... before the insanity of the summer holidays begin lol.

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