donderdag 2 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6883 Terrestrial Rover

We continue building through a lot of old space sets with this 1987 Terrestrial Rover, basically a mobile satellite platform.

Now, to say that it`s instructions have seen better days might be an understatement, but they are still good enough to build the model.

The set came with one of the white spacemen.

Now, since this is basically a long vehicle with a small towing / pilot area in front, we begin by laying out the "chassis" of the truck.

Underneath, the robust wheels are attached.

We then begin building up the topside of the machine, with the pilot area being a streamlined and getting some tools for the astronaut, while the back gets the blue stanchions that will hold the satellite.

Four mirrored "holders"  are then put on the top of those, while a printed fin is placed at the end of the pilot area.

A small sensor array is then placed on this fin to trak the surroundings.

We then build the satellite that will be accompanying the vehicle.  This is not much more then a few bricks riddled with all sorts of dishes.

Once this is ready, it`s just a matter of a small detail left and right.

And the set stands completed:

Now, this is a set I don`t like one bit.  The truck looks odd, the front section cannot detach, a play feature that was quite common though in that era of space sets, and the satellite is just a hotchpotch thrown together.  Definitly for me one of the weaker sets from the golden age of Space.

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