donderdag 9 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 5914 Sam Sanister and Baby-T

Another Dino Island Adventurers set today, in what would be a polybag nowadays but back then still came in small boxes.

Maybe not as much a "must have" as the pterodactyl set from earlier this week, this set reminded me of the Jurassic World scene where mommy got angry...

The set comes with an adventurer, Sam Sanister, but as you can see he has had the best of times before.

The build of the set is a sort of small rockplace, where the Tyrannosaurus baby is stashed away, only to be caught by Sam.  As such, we begin with a brown baseplate for this rocky outcrop.

We then add small fences for the trap to `close` when the young beast gets inside.

The baby T-rex:

And the full set completed:

As I said, nothing to fantastic or intresting in this little set, but you get a baby dino at least...

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