maandag 13 juni 2016

Inspirational Lego # 74

Another monday morning, another selection of 10 pieces of eye candy to show you.

And once more, it`s a bit of everything from everywhere that my eye fell on, so I hope you like my picks once again.

We start out this week with a build that was made in the Andromeda`s Gates build rpg, which nicely mixes space with Bionicle.  I like how they constructed the mecha using those pieces, and he really looks the business.

Talking big robots, how about this fantastic Sentinel from the X-Men?  The use of the light elements make him look all mean and nasty if you ask me.

More from the AG game, comes this incredible naval base, including a zodiac.

On a totally different note, we have this great looking Minion.

A small build, I really like the "feel" of this one, as a group of adventurers is trailing some old path in search of fortune and glory.

This fantastic spaceship catches the feel of classic space perfectly!

A great looking microbuild, we have this Imperial Destroyer that is crashed on Jakku, as seen in the The Force Awakens.

I love the use of those "Chima balls" in the nacelles of the Enterprise, a very intresting find.

A great looking sailing ship, this is the rendition of Captain Hook`s vessel from Peter Pan.

And we round off the selection this time with two of the most famous robots of television, with Megatron facing of Optimus Prime in chibi style.  I love how he did their faces!

That`s it for this week.  Next week, the episode will be a few days later, as I`ll be out for the next 10 days (or better said, not able to get to my computer at least), so I`ll be catching up when I get back to it :-)


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