woensdag 1 juni 2016

The Flash season 2

Building on the formula that made the first season of The Flash such a loveable show, season 2 continued strong in this direction.

Based on the pillars of the Multiverse, the pain of personal loss and an intriguing build up to the revelation of the villain, this was a strong season once again.


After opening the vortex at the end of Season 1, The Flash and his team learn of an alternate earth, labelled Earth 2 for them, and the existance of dopplegangers.  People that look like their counterparts on our Earth but might be someone completely different except in name.  Like Sisko and Snow for instance being metahuman villains...

From this dimension comes Zoom, who wants to be the fastest speedster on any dimension, and the man who`s powers he apparently stole for that, Jay Garrick.  Together with Harrison Wells (of Earth 2) our heroes team up to try and fight zoom.  In the meantime, Barry gets a really sweet love intrest, but she ultimately can`t keep up with his hidden identity and leaves, while Wally West comes more to the front.

Jay however turns out to be Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom, and he is bound on getting Barry`s powers as he is dying.  This leads to some `Earth hopping`, and a mysterious masked man, who is revealed at the end to be the Flash of... Earth 3, and is our Earth`s Henri Allen, on his Earth called Jay Garrick (this was hinted at a long time already, as Henri`s mother`s name is Garrick).

In the end, Barry manages to overcome Zoom by luring Time Wraiths from the Speedforce to deal with Hunter, but then, torn up by pain of losing his father now as well, he travels back in time and prevents the thing that made him The Flash: the murder of his mother, causing his Flash from back then to fade out of existance and making a nice loop between season 1s beginning and season 2s  ending.


A strong series once again, and a big red button reset at the very end, I have a feeling the Barry Allen Flash is going to go to a supporting role in season 3, and Wally West is going to come to the fore. 
Not that that would be a big suprise actually, as in the comics he was the "follow up" op Barry as well after all, and the series does pay good homage and follows the comics more or less, and we have had references to The Flashpoint Paradox even this year.

A superb series, and one to keep following for sure!

Rating: 8 / 10

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