dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Game of Thrones season 6

Don`t read if you don`t want to know!

Roight, that being said... I didn`t like this season.  Sure, everyone goes nuts over episode 9, the Battle of the Bastards, and the finale was a mighty setting placer for season 7... but still I didn`t like it.

Heck, I even thought Battle of the Bastards rather meuh.  The amount of bodies piled up where the Northern forces are hemmed in by Ramsay are nowhere near  the amount of fighters at that place at that moment.  I did love the finale episode though, with how Cersei grabbed power at the the expense even of her last remaining child.  And the fleet sailing to Westeros.

But in general, while the season handled all the storylines, like Daenarys not only enlisting the Dothraki, but on top of that a Greyjoy fleet, and alliances with Dorne and Tyrell.  There was of course the return of Jon Snow and how he reclaimed Winterfell in a battle episode that was a pure copy of Lord of the Rings, including timely arrival of a force of cavalry.

We saw Arya evolve into a real assassin and a gruesome variant of how Wanderley served the sons of Walder Frey as dinner to their father.  And then there is the whole return of the Hound...

But all in all, I felt the pacing of this season being to slow, and I felt it kept circling on the spot most of the time.  I didn`t really "look forward" to the new episodes every week, and while I watched it weekly, this wasn`t necessary to be present every moment it started.  It didn`t matter for me if it took a few days before I could watch it.

Rumours say next season will only be 7 episodes, and this might be a good thing, as that might speed the pace a little again.  It seems we are going to have a "bitch fight" on our hands between Dany and Cersei, with Oleanna Tyrell and Jon Snow, the new King in the North, being the loose cannons present... but it is all going to dwindle down in Daenarys + Jon + unknown yet riding the three dragons in a battle against the Night King for sure... or that`s my two cents at least!

Wait and see next year I guess...

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