zaterdag 4 juni 2016

De Quaeye Werelt 2016

Today, we took a trip to a local parc, Domein Sterckshof, to visit the De Quaie Werelt (the mad world) re-enactment event.

This is a medieval fair with a lot of traders, but also reenactings of battles and the medieval life, and it defintily was something different for the kid to do then just sit at home and do some preparatory homework (which he will be doing tonight then, but that`s a detail).

Of course, the inner person had to be strengtened as well... bit of german blonde ale for me and the misses, and sausage buns and chips for the kid... and the missus (okay, and for me).

The kid also took some bowshooting.

While I went to the local barber and had a shave, nose trimming and the back of the neckhair removed.

Prima Nocta performed as well, and I love their music, I was already following them on YouTube and the likes, but this time I got to see them for real.  Chu thinks I would look sexy in that sort of dress, so it`s time to start saving up for a beard then...

The battlefield.  We didn`t stay through the whole battle though, as the kid had a bit of trouble with the loud bangs of the cannons.

And we took home this momento, Slovakian mede that won the "Best of the World" last year.

It was a fun afternoon, and something completely different for once, and I met quit a lot of people from my wargame and roleplaying days :-)

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