zondag 12 juni 2016

The Haul Report # 33

I thought it would be a calm week, but man did that turn out different...

The cream of the crop this week was my limited edition 34 / 69 Blade Runner Spinner set that arrived, a Kickstarter project by Chris from Ichiban.

I love Blade Runner, and when this went live, I just had to have it.

I also received this book from my niece for zilch, she found it in a closet still somewhere, probably having bought it as a present for her kids who don`t really are into Potter or such.

I also got a second Black Pearl, though this one was 75x cheaper, and a lot smaller then the one already on display overhere ;-)

A buddy of mine, Axel, has been stalking me with Playmobil figs massacring Lego figures.  It`s time I repay him the favour, so when the local Kruidvat sold these sets on the cheap, I picked two of them up for just that purpose.

Of course, I couldn`t resist...

I also passed by De Sleghte, a used book store, and found a Star Trek novel I hadn`t read before, so I brought that along.

On eBay, I found these UCS like stickers for large Lego sets, so I grabbed an Orthanc one and will be making a stand for it in the style of the UCS R2, with an extra Saruman on the base or so.

Two petite BrickLink orders arrived as well this week.

I also managed to pick up a lot of PS2 games at the local Kringloop for 1.50 each, great for trading around as those things are starting to pick up momentum lately.

The final parcel to arrive was a pre-order at Archonia, being the two recent Character Encyclopedia.  The comics where freebies included with the order.

That was all the loot for this week.  Next week, the series will have a few days delay before I can post it, as I`ll be off to Billund until tuesday night, so expect the report to pop by on wednesday in all probability :-) 

After the Lego trip report ;-)

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