maandag 6 juni 2016


Okay, I admit, I LOVE Thunderbirds, both the original series, as the new Thunderbirds are Go show.

But then there is still that other thing from 2004... directed by Jonathan Frakes (commander Riker from Star Trek).


The Tracy family, led by the padre familias Jeff, runs a secret organisation called International Rescue.  Located on a secret island, they have the most modern equipment in existence, and a ghost from Jeff`s past, The Hood, wants to get his hands on the machines to go on a crime spree.
When the Tracy brothers and Jeff are caught by The Hood aboard Thunderbird 5, it is up to youngster Alan Tracy (the pilot of TB3 in the series), together with the son of Brains and Tin-Tin to save them.
Lady Penelope and Parker help out as they can, and the children manage to bring back the team and foil the plan of The Hood.


Okay, so it is a bad film.  A very bad film, and it has some terrible acting in it.  No, I`m not talking Kingsley or Paxton, but the supporting cast is, well, bad.
Some things are made TOO cartoony, like the way how Parker and Penelope fight with the henchmen of the Hood.
Now, for me not everything was as hopeless as critics shot down the film.  The launches and the machines themselves of the Thunderbirds, as well as the decor and colouring remind of the old Supermarionation series of the Anderson`s, and the story isn`t of the heavy intellectual kind like the series where in all honesty, but sheer entertainment.

Rating: 3 / 10

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Het klinkt raar, maar onze jongste is er zot van. Hij ziet de series niet graag. Deze film daarentegen wordt regelmatig gespeeld.

  2. ook niet de CGI reeks van vorig jaar?