woensdag 29 juni 2016

Star Trek Online: Future Proof

Roight, I caught up with the episode missions right on time before the Agents of Yesterday, which will take us to the TOS era, hits the 6th of July.

In Future Proof, which spans 4 episodes, you will travel through time, to both the past and the future, and all that because of a star showing strange readings.

It all begins as you pick up a team of specialists over on Deep Space Nine, and travel to a remote system where a star is doing strange things.  Arriving there, you find that one of the moons is inhabited by the Lukari, a race just into the use of warp technology.  A Temporal Agent, Kal Dano (from the Enterprise series) intervenes, but his equipement is stolen by the Tholians.

As you try to get the Tox Utah back, you are to late to save the Na'Kuhl star from being extinguished, and this causes ripples in the timeline.  You manage to recuperate the device, and bury it on 22nd century Risa, long before it was a paradise, for Picard to find and destroy it in a few hundred years.

Kal Dano is thrown in a temporal vortex, but Captain Walker contacts you and explains the Temporal Cold war and the founding of the Galactic Union.

You are invited to the signing of the Temporal Accords in the future, but something goes odd there, as Krenim scientist Noye interferes and captures the delegates.  He has learned that prior to the resolvement of the Vaudwaar storyline, he had a wife and child, but your incursions have wiped them from the timeline.  He now seeks to rectify this using the Annorax and avenge them, with the aid of the Na'Kuhl who over all those centuries have evolved in a time travelling race.

Travelling back to the current day, you learn this truth, but Noye eventually escapes in the time-stream with the Annorax.

The Na'Kuhl however keep causing trouble.  A rogue group of them, under the leadership of general Vosk, tries to alter time, and you travel to the 29th century after a failed assassination attempt on the Federation president.  Here you discover a huge structure, a "time portal" the Na'Kuhl have build, and you must prevent them from using it.

Upon succes, you learn that Vosk, who had escaped in the timestream, was killed by Jonathan Archer in the far past... but the incursions by the Na'Kuhl continue...

And now... it`s about a week for the next expansion to hit, so I`ll be preparing myself for it by doing some reputation missions, as well as the Risa event where I`m just a few days away from the Tier 6 reward vessel.  Perhaps some forge missions or such, and my dilithium mining claims who have been stacking through the roof can be handled, but in any case, the main goal is to get some upgrades to the vessel first and foremost...

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