zondag 12 juni 2016

Star Trek Online: The Iconian War

While the GF is once more packing her suitcase for a trip at the very last moment, I managed to catch up on the storyline of ST:O so far, so when I get back I can start the "current" story.

All the previous episodes led to this moment, the time when the Iconians returned and are bend on destroying the known races.  It was them who where behind the Hobus explosion, the rise of the Vaudwaar, and so much more.

The story begins as we meet up with vanZyl, who has tracked down Sela.  The fallen Empress is trying to reactivate a gateway, and has found that they lead to another Dyson Sphere, whose sun is blotted out by the massive fleet of the Iconians.

The alliance gathers in various efforts to undermine the Iconian powerbase, but to not much avail.  But then it is discovered that the Krenin, specialists in temporal tinkering, weren`t destroyed by the Vaudwaar but went into hiding.  This Delta Quadrant race is one of the few the Iconians more or less fear.

The decision is made to remake Annorax`s Temporal vessel, but the first temporal incursion results in the restoration of Romulus... only to find out that it has been completely taken by the Borg.

Of course, how can I refuse a green eyed beauty like Commander Jarok from restoring it to the original timeline...

All efforts are like drops of water on a hot plate, and in the end the alliance manages, at a huge cost in ships and lives, to only defeat a single Iconian, so the plan is made to travel back in time to the moment the Iconians where first defeated.

But there it turns out that we are no other then the "The Others" that saved Iconia in the first place, and that it was Sela herself that was responsible indirectly for the destruction of her homeworld.  We drove the Iconians to anger and hate, but this time, we brought an artefact back and managed to install an uneasy peace between us and the ancient beings.

The series also saw some more "old timers" brought in, in the form of Tom Paris, Nog, and Kahless himself who heroically sacrificed himself to seriously injure one of the Iconians.

And now, it`s time to let the war behind us, and go back to exploring strange new worlds and seek out new civilisations...

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