zaterdag 25 juni 2016

Terra Formars Revenge

The 13 episode continuation of the great show from last year, Revenge picks up where we left off in season 1.

It`s a really great show, even though it doesn`t feature mecha`s, which are a bit my `fancy` in anime, but people with powers added from animals, in an effort to find a cure for a sickness ravaging Earth, on Mars.


The season focusses on the survivors of the first season trying to reestablish connections to earth and tell them that the Chinese division has betrayed them.  To this end, the american and japanese divisions gain allies in the russian division.  To the end, they are also joined by the sole survivor of the roman division, but who is also the strongest fighter on the planet: Joseph, base line animal: human.

Though back on Earth, it seems the roman president is playing both sides, so this might be going somewhere (okay, I read the manga`s, I already know it actually).

The Terraformars themselves, cockroach like beings that infest Mars, have found ways to adapt their skills with the DNA of the fighters they capture and slay, and this leads to some nasty surpises, but the biggest suprise might be in the last minute of the finale...


Another strong season, I`m really digging this show.  The characters are well developped, and even the lowliest MARS ranking civilian has more then enough reason to join the expedition.  And it isn`t the standard tale of "family member is sick", but even goes as deep as work burn out`s, marriages, and more.

I really like the way this show develops, and the high action pace and good animations make it a gem to watch, so if you like sci-fi anime, this is one to pick up for sure!

And Michelle K. Davis is a bonus for any male otaku ;-)

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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