vrijdag 3 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6057 Sea Serpent

Hailing from the 1992 Castle subtheme "Black Knights" comes today classic build, the Sea Serpent ship.

A definite upgrade of the small viking ship from the Castle line I featured last week, this is a pretty nice little boat, with some great usuable elements in it like the sail and the wyvern flag.

The set comes with no less then 5 minifigures, not bad on a 100 piece set at all.

Based on red wedge elements, we make the hull of the vessel first.

This is then build up with black and blues to make the hull fit with the subtheme.

At the bottom, we add black "horse shoe" elements, to allow the ship to smoothly sail the Living Room Carpet Seas.

It also has some small loot stashed in a barrel on board.

The front of the ship is then build and adorned with shields, as a blue castle rampart piece is used for the backside of the vessel.

The figure head is a nice use of the decorations that came on the helmets of the knights.

Next, the small mast is erected and the sail attached to it.

And the full set stands completed as we include some small details to it:

A fine looking ship in my opinion, and like I said, a great improvement over the earlier tiny ship in the range.  I really love the lines of the vessel, and it`s one of those sets that still stand in one piece in my collection.

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