donderdag 9 juni 2016

Star Trek Online: Delta Rising

As I`m catching up slowly and steadily in this MMO, by going through all the storylines (or seasons) I still had open in no special sequence, I found my ship in the Delta Quadrant the past weeks.

Delta Rising was an expansion that brought us back in the trail of the USS Voyager, over 30 years after the series.

We get to meet old friends, who also reprised their roles to voice themselves in the game like Tuvok, Seven, Harry Kim, Neelix and the Doctor.

The storyline is based on the episode in Voyager where Seven of Nine reawoke an ancient warrior society, the Vaudwaar, back then hopelessly outdated with their 900 year old technology.  But now, they have state of the art tech that makes them the menace of the quadrant.

As you progress, you find out it are the Neural Parasites, who have appeared in the The Next Generation that are apparently responsible, but digging in further it turns out it are actually the Iconians that are pulling the strings.

When you overcome all this, the series concludes with a great bonus episode, that builds on the original Harry Kim (remember that episode from season 2 of Voyager, where two Voyagers existed at the same place in space in time, resulting in disasters and the death of the original Harry, to be replaced with his quantum duplicate?  Well, that dead Harry is back.) and the Voyager lore.

It was a nice storyline, even though it might have had just a bit to much of the "patrol" style missions, which you have to do in order to rally the races of the Delta Quadrant under your banner and against the Vaudwaar, but the way the layers are peeled off of who is in charge of it all aren`t bad at all.

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