donderdag 9 juni 2016

Star Trek Online: The Borg Advance

The Borg Advance was a small update a few years ago in STO, around the time I went into "retirement".

Consisting of 4 episodes, it does have a storyline that also lead up to the Iconian War, which i still have to play, and it did take place before the Delta Quadrant missions I finished yesterday.

Now, while made for lower levels then the 60 I`m at for the moment (back then, maximum level was 55), the good thing of STO is that it scales up with the player.  So even though the story was written for about 10 levels below the maximum, those Borg Cubes will tear you a new one with ease if you just Leroy them.

The tale begins with the Tal Shiar doing experiments on Borg technology, and the Borg not being to happy about it.  This leads you to a planet that has become completely assimilated, and you witness how the Borg are capturing even the Undine now (aka Species 8472, STO gave them a name and it went into the expanded canon as such).

It turns out that the Borg have seemingly found a way to assimilate the Undine as well now, but that doesn`t explain why the fluidic space inhabitants keep attacking the quadrant... until you enter their realm.

There you learn that Iconians, or beings pretending to be them, are provoking the Undine, and leaving their defenses weakened against the Borg.

In this story line I also learned about `Cooper`, whose resolvement story I had witnessed in Delta Rising, but now I`m going off to the Solonae story arc (okay, which was also set before Delta, but heck, I`m a bit of a Voyager lover so no wonder I caught up with that story first) first.

And then it will be time to learn all there is about the Iconian War...

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