vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Star Trek The Romulan Wars season 1

A fan series consisting of 5 episodes of about 45 minutes, this handles a timeperiod rather popular amongst the amateur filmmakers: the Romulan War, which in the canon took time between the end of Enterprise and the The Original Series.

Though of course they didn`t know much about the Vulcan cousins until Kirk discovered this...


The series follows the adventures of the USS Yorktown NCC - 208, a Soyuz class vessel (later renamed Archangel class) under command of Captain Bill Stiles.

The vessel discovers the remains of the NX class USS Areas, right at the moment they are informed of the Romulan war declaration by their attack on Terra Nova colony.  Pursuing the agressors, they are ambushed by three Romulan ships and the vessel suffers heavy damage and casualties.
This leads to Stiles (no, he is not the Excelsior captain from STIII) being courtmartialled, but cleared of charges thanks to testimonies by his crew.

She is then send to investigate a lost squadron, and finds a crippled Bird-of-Prey, whom they try to capture and learn more about their mysterious enemies.  In the meantime, events are abroad on the Romulan home world...


As I said before, I will never break down these low budget fan productions, and by sheer coincidence CBS and Paramount have dropped charges against the Axanar project recently, and uttered guidelines for the fanbase and their movies as recent as yesterday.

The core crew does some solid acting, working well together, and the special effects are of a decent computerised level.  Okay, so who cares Romulans live in your average kitchen, or high tech colonies resemble farm buildings.

Perhaps a small point of critique is that in the first two episodes, some reshoots seem to have been done, but lead Bryan Justice apparently went for a shave in that period.  He is often switching between mustache and soulpatch look within the frames of a scene, a funny little detail oversight.

The series can be found on YouTube, and on their own website.

But it isn`t bad at all, and has a good story, so this is all thumbs up from me!

Rating: 6 / 10

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