dinsdag 7 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 5912 Hydrofoil

Part of the old Adventurers Dino Island range, this was a great little set as it included a dinosaur, and face it, we all like the big lizards.

A very small 15 part set for the rest, it was worth getting on the cheap when possible.

Apart from the Pterodactyl, you also get an Adventurer minifigure in the set.

The hydrofoil itself is started with a 4x6 tan plate.

Underneath, we add red bricks and slopes for it`s "skies".

The top side is then dressed up a bit to resemble a small boat like vehicle.

We then add a steering wheel and a propellor to finish the boat.

And the full set stands completed

Okay, let`s face it, both the dino and the figure are great and the reason you should pick this up.  The Hydrofoil isn`t though, being a small heap of parts for your collection that you even tend to get `for free` with the beast and the fig is you buy this little set.

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