maandag 6 juni 2016

The Haul Report #32

A day later then usual, as I wasn`t home yesterday and as such didn`t have access to the PC.

With the summer months approaching, and me "kicking off" from exchanging toys of all kinds, you`ll notice a bit of a decrease (perhaps) in the goods, but never the less...

The first lot I got this week was given at BM Liege last weekend, as it is part of a trade I did.  I know have, apart from some extra pirate crew, two more Pegasi for the Harry Potter Beauxbatton build I have on my "to do" list.

This lot I bought from a Facebook bloke, and some of the figures (Asajj and the 4 blue knights) where for a buddy of mine, to prevent a bid war between ourselves.  Savage will go to the Smurf, but the rest is a handy heap of figures for some future builds.

The final arrival was an order from BrickForge, containing most importantly my phasers for my Star Trek project.  And as usual, a small freebie was included, the green gun in this case.

Mostly parts, but never the less very handy ones!

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