maandag 27 juni 2016

The mysterious Powercell

Stardate 94091.72, Ruins on Ramtut III, Science Officer Linora reporting

In order to investigate some mysterious readings we picked up from orbit, I beamed down into the ruins here on Ramtut III.
Initial searches revealed no apparent source, and I started to catalogue the hieroglyphics, similar to the ancient Egypt culture on Earth, for further study.
However, as I progressed further into the ruined structure, I came across a most peculiar find.  An ancient powercell, dating back for about 2000 years.  Was this the source of the mythical "light of the Gods" the hieroglyphs tell about?

A small vignette (like with my Tolkien, I love working on those small scenes now and then), I wanted to have an Orion science officer for my motley bunch of Star Trek builds.

Her head was once property of Hera, from the Ghost microfighter set, and I opted for now for "classic" uniforms until I get my custom torso`s printed for future builds.

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