zondag 26 juni 2016

Star Trek The Romulan Wars season 2

I just finsihed watching the second season of this fanseries, and it`s different from the first for sure.

Spanning 3.5 episodes, the final one being half as long and on a total different setting, it`s only about an hour and a quarter long for the whole season.


Chief Engineer Samuels has been promoted from the Yorktown from season one to become the captain of the Discovery, an "NX refit" vessel and now the most advanced class in the fleet, overseen by Trip Tucker.

After the initial NX vessel escaped a Romulan vessel by the shortest of margins, they are later captured and studied by the Romulans.  To find out the location, they had to overcome a Vulcan unification sympathiser who wanted to steal the Discovery.
The last episode sets the pace for the USSA Atlas, a cargo vessel that has to escape an ambush by the Romulans.


A new ship and as good as a whole new crew compared to season 1, it might make one wonder if their have been some issues due to which the whole thing changed?  Or has it been a logical evolution?  In any case, the new ship looks great. 

Being a hybrid between an NX and a Constitution, you basically get a secondary hull attached to the underside while the whole NX itself is connected to this by elongating the nacelle pylons and adding a `neck` between main and secondary.

Season wise, the episodes, especially for me the first two, where really good, with a great tale that could come out of the regular series.  I`m not sure what happened to the Atlas project, or if there will be a third season, but this was a nice fanseries.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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