dinsdag 7 juni 2016

The Wailing Whaif

When Cocovia was colonised by the Crown of Corrington, no less then two settlements sprang up, a rather unique situation in the newly explored islands.

While one of them, the naval base of King`s Harbour, is governed by strict rules of some upstuck admiral who takes months to visit his neighbour (talk about poor seamanship), the other settlement, Quinnsville, adopted a whole other strategy.

Her open port allows for the trading by traders of various nations, and in various goods.  While rumours excist that not everything that passes by the dockmaster office is considered legal, the home of the Junkyard Fleet seems to have all the trade channels under control.

One way Mayor Smaugton tries to keep it that way is by allowing privateers access to his harbour, for well needed RnR or repairs.  In exchange, he has contracts with these private owned vessels that in time of need, when Quinnsville is treatened, they will add their guns to his defensive line.

One such vessel is the armed brigantine The Wailing Whaif, commanded by Captain Rowspar. 

This ship, with her gleaming white hull, looks like she is build for speed mainly, as she has been accused (evidence not provided) of various small-time crimes like smuggling and blockade running, but she is well armed and her crew are some of the fiercest brawlers in the surrounding waters.

Hey all,

This is my latest ship, a class 3A.  I just wanted to build something else then the usual black and red trade vessels, so I opted to build one from the hull of the spaniard vessel. 

Her backstory is one of a sort of mercenary captain that has an understanding with the ruler of Quinnsville, to come to her aid in time of need.  As such, I`m not sure if I will already license her, or wait until the political tides would turn dark in the future.

Hope you like her!

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