dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Achievement Reached: Exposition at 5 LEGO related conventions

With FACTS the past weekend, I obtained my goal this year to exposition at at least 5 different events with my loved bricks.

Even though the brick badge for this year is becoming quite long, and it ain`t done yet, finally the 5th one where I expositioned some of my mocs has been added.

So for this year, this gives me:

Brick Mania Wetteren (Pirate Collab, club Time Traveller collab builds)

Mechelen Speelstad 2016 (some spaceships)

Brick Mania Liege (club Time Traveller collab)

Comiccon Gent (spaceships)

FACTS Autumn (spaceships and mosaics)

Coming up still this year are Skillzcon in two weeks where I`ll be bringing my small mosaics and Brick Mania Antwerpen where I`ll be joining in the pirate layout with my now enlarged town (whom will be torn down afterwards) and the club collaboration layouts of Time Traveller and My Hobby modules.

It`s been a stellar year, but I`ll be glad when it`ll be over in all honesty!  And starting next year, I`m only bringing out my beloved J.R.R. Tolkien works, as the rest will be slowly and one by one be teared down over time.

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