woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Ratchet & Clank

One of the things I definitly wanted in my sci-fi marathon was an animation film, and with Rathcet and Clank I have just that.

Based on the well known (and great) video games, this might be a hard line for to movie in order to succeed and keep on the level of the excellent games.


The movie starts with the destruction of a planet by Chairman Drek.  Ratchet, a mechanic that has learned about the disappearance of this and other planets, tries to enlist with the Galactic Rangers, but is rejected, and then a chance encounter brings him together with Clank who has Drek`s plans in his possession.

This allows both of them to join the Rangers, and they set out to investigate the reason behind the planet destructions, and to stop the chairman.  The latter is soon overthrown by his evil scientist henchman though, and transformed into a sheep.  The Rangers infiltrate the space base and succeed in stopping the evil madman, saving the day.


Honestly?  The post sequence appearance of the Plumber was the best.  While this wasn`t a bad movie in essence, if you played the games, you feel like you have seen it all before (which, for the record, you have...).  the animation is fine, but the movie feels like it doesn`t really knows where it wants to go to, hobbling a lot of plots together to close to each other.
No offense, but I`ll be prefering the console, to in it`s defence, it ain`t as bad as some other video game adaptions...

Rating: 4.5 / 10

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