woensdag 5 oktober 2016

The End of Minifigures Online

This is a small build I made when Minifigures Online was still in closed Beta, and I got the joy of already playing it.

Over the roughly two years it ran it has seen some changes, last week, on the 30th of September, it closed down as this little free game came to an end.
I actually enjoyed the game personally, and back then made this build in "honor" of the three characters I preferred to play with, each with it`s representative "class colour" and small setting.  Being a more historical / fantasy based builder, I as such chose those three as being most representative for my intrests when i started playing.

It was a fun little game, and the storyline was enjoyable, but it just couldn`t stand up to the big MMO's in the end.

But in the end, I managed to complete about 70 - 75 % of all obtainable achievements in the game, even though it was repetitive after a while (finish instance x or y with that figure, get that far in the portal with that other figure)...

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