maandag 3 oktober 2016

Inspirational Lego # 90

Here we are again, in an effort to cheer up your mondays!

And as usual, we try to do this by showing 10 awesome LEGO builds I came across while surfing the internet.

Starting off this week, we have a lovely medieval scene involving the capturing of some brickbuild swans (or geese).  The build has some lovely details like the hut, the foliage, and of course the birds themselves.

I`m personally a big fan of HistoryLUG and their historic battles, and this one is from their Waterloo builds, involving a great uniformity in the regiment.

After Eden is a calm and sereen build, and feels like a real bonzai tree you just want to put on your shelf, even though it is something completely different.

The Angry Birds movie won`t win any Oscars, and the LEGO range coming with it doesn`t drive me wild, but this micro rendition of the castle is really cute.

Making use of a lot of transparent elements, this butterfly is a real looker, and the flower is awesome.

The small dockside build is lively with activity, like the fellow hiding in a barrel and all.

Next we have a futuristic treehouse, I love how the foliage is done using pastel plates.

The first flying lesson is a small scene from the Harry Potter movies, where poor Neville ended up in the paraphets.

QMeg Aggy is a build featuring your not so average mech, as it consists of a humongous robochick.

For the final build, we have a true classic for 80s kids like myself, with a microscale Castle Grayskull, from Masters of the Universe.

I hope you enjoyed the selection once more, and until next time!

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  1. Love it! Especially the Waterloo troops.

    Dale Hurtt