maandag 17 oktober 2016

The Last Days on Mars

Next in our sci-fi marathon, i have a sci-fi horror movie.

A genre which balances often on the mood of the recent blockbuster, Last Days is your typical Mars scientist zombie movie... for as far as that is typical of course


Barely 19 hours from the end of a 6 month mission, 8 scientists aboard a research base on Mars discover a sort of life.  One of them goes to investigate, but falls in a pit to his death.  He is reanimated as an "intelligent" zombie, able to work airlocks and such, as a bacteria has nested in his brain and controls him now.

One by one he the crew is killed and more are turned to zombiness, until the last survivors escape in a launcher, but both are likely infected.


Mwaah.  The movie isn`t really "smart" enough to be a true horror flick, or to keep you on the edge of your seat.  It`s enjoyable, but nothing more then that actually.  Consider it a `decent saturday late night` film.

Rating: 5 / 10

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