zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

Edge of Tomorrow

A 2014 Scifi movie starring Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow follows the dead, rebirth, dead, rebirth cycle of an american PR officer.

Now, in recent years Mr Cruise has been more in the news with non-movie related issues then with new movies, so I was abit sceptical with this one.


A race called Mimics have taken over Earth, and the UDF is plotting a large assault on the beaches of France, in true D-day style.  Cage, a PR officer, is ordered to film the invasion, but as he is rather cowardly, is tricked and registred as a deserter and a private in the squad that will lead the assault.  he dies while blowing up an alpha, but this results in him being able to "reset" the day.

Together with Rita, who once suffered the same effect before getting a blood transfusion, he works out the details of how to make the event succeed, as they relive over and over the same assault, dying time after time.


This is a good movie.  The story is original, the acting is strong, and it is riddled with humour and great one-liners. 

The landings feel like a mixture between Saving Private Ryan and Starship Troopers, while the "end game" of the movie draws inspiration from Aliens.  With such great movies cobbled together into a single film, you get a strong movie. 
The loops are enjoyable to watch, and go different directions often to prevent repetition for the viewer.  I was sceptical at first, but this proved unnecessary as it is a fantastic film.

Rating: 8 / 10

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