dinsdag 11 oktober 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road

The fourth instalment of the franchise, this was the blockbuster of 2015 as George Miller picked up the story of Max Rockatansky after 30 years.

Even though Mel Gibson has been replaced by Max Hardy, it IS a continuation of the tale, set after Beyond Thunderdome.


Max is captured by the gang of Immortan Joe, a tyrant that keeps his subjects under the heel by rationing water.  When he inadvertently becomes involved in an escape attempt by Furiosa, who wants to bring "breed wives" to the Green Place, a chase across the desert begins between a truck on the one hand and 3 warbands on the other.

The Green Place turns out to be destroyed though, and they devise a plan to take the Citadel, Joe's base of operations, now that it is unguarded.  Though some fall during this daring plan, Furiosa comes in control of the base as Max disappears into the Wasteland once again.


Okay, so this looks a lot like the Road Warrior, the second movie of the franchise and considered the best by far, ven in the general action genre.  And it works big time!  Fury Road is a high octane ride, which doesn`t bore at any moment. 

Add in a superb perfomance by Charlize Theron together with really stunning visuals, and you have a great flick to watch.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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