donderdag 27 oktober 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6503 Sprint Racer

While we had a lot of Castle sets in the previous weeks in this series, I`m now starting a heap of City (or as it was called back then, Town) builds.

Still part of a huge lot I got a few years ago, I`m finally getting round to uploading the builds, and the first one is the Sprint racer.

This little single seat racecar is from 1988, and still resembles a F1 car pretty nicely... for an almost 30 year old set.

At just under 30 parts, it comes with a single minifigure, being the driver.  Nothing special about him, as he wears a plain blue overall and white helmet.

The car is based on the small chassis element, and a 2x4 plate for the front wing.

Red plates are used for the lining and to give some more colour in the finished model.

The numbered slope is printed, and the white sides complement the Shell colourscheme of the car.

The parts of the rear wing, with it`s titular sponsor (this set heads from far before the "licensed" Shell sets) elements all printed as well.

All we have to do then is add the wheels to the chassis

And the full set stands completed:

A true oldie, I think this is one of those sets that every 10 year old or so had back near the end of the 80s.  A great toy to recreate the epic Senna vs Prost duels for sure, I loved this little car for every brick of it!

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