zondag 2 oktober 2016

The Haul Report #49

Another week, and another pile of thingies added to the collection :-)

The first one isn`t LEGO at all though, as last saturday I was at a local fair, and they had a small flea market / garage sale.

There I found this excellent condition The Lord of the Rings RISK boardgame, which only lacked the sheet with the rules and special abilities.  For 5 euro, this was an absolute bargain.

Brick Link wise, I got a few small parcels.  The first is from a seller in The Netherlands from which I will never order again.  It took him no less then 4 weeks to post my order, and then it took another 2 before arriving.  I even had to file a NSS on BL before he actually shipped it (suddenly it was ready?), and he rudely kept marking it as Completed.

A better experience then was with this little order.  A Ringwraith for a MOC that is nearing completion, I needed to get to the postage minimum and he had the Mirkwood Elf promo on the cheap, including the lovely trading card.  The figure is the same as in the Elf army builder by the way.

I also got these custom printed flags for my Fredericksburg project, so now I only need to get one for the fighting 69 and start building and trading together more Lone Ranger troopers.

I also obtained another Boromir figure for the gazillionth Fellowship I`m putting together, to "man" my Durin`s Causeway moc I`m building.

The final thing I obtained was a bit of promotional magazines from the local LEGO store together with the First Order trooper that was the promotional for Force Friday.  I can`t disclose what I bought though, as I know the kid follows my blog page, and I`m not disclosing to him what he will get if he comes home with good grades...

Well, that`s the haul this week, see you all again next sunday!

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