donderdag 13 oktober 2016

Build Report: 41018 Cat's Playground

For today's build report we have a small set from the Friends range.

These where sold in foil packs, and came out in "series", this little kitty appearing in 2013 and was part of the very first series.

Opening the bag, we get a pile of elements and the instruction booklet.

The kitty itself is a cute black white kitten, with a bowtie on it`s head.

The first build is a small scratching pole.

We then begin the actual build, based on a dark purple base with pink bricks.

On top of this we add a yellow curved element, decorated with studs and a white hinge for the walking board.

We build up the level of the kitten playground with blue cones and more yellow curved plates.

And then the little set is completed:

Of course, we get a few small extra elements:

For me, these are small, fine little sets.  The Friends animals are great, the colours are a nice variation from the usual sets, and they only cost a few euro.

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