maandag 17 oktober 2016

Classic Lego Build: 7413 Passage of Jun-Chi

Today`s build report is an oldie from the Orient Expedition series from 2003, the Passage of Jun-Chi.

In this set, our adventuring hero needs to get past a passageway, guarded by the big stone dog-guardian Jun-Chi.

 This guardian is the first thing we build, as it uses quite a few elements to become the big figure.

And he is then joined by our hero as the figures in this set.

The build begins on a small grey baseplate, on which the borders of the passageway are laid down.

In the center, a large turntable is put together.

This rotating platform will serve to hide the guardian from sight as unwary adventurers approach the passageway.

The crystal is placed next to two flaming torches.

We build up the side pillars of the passageway, decorating the wall in the meantime with large pikes.

The passageway is then roofed over using red arches and black rooftile elements.

The gateway stands ready.

And the full set completed:

I always liked this little set, if only for the big monster for one.  It has this nice play and story potential, and it`s not to expensive if you are looking for a used copy for your collection either.

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