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Build Report: 31032 Creator Red Creatures

Perhaps one of the coolest sets of 2015 (told you, big backlog still), the Red Creatures set from Creator not only had some bloody cool beasts in it, but also a stack of great red and dark red elements.

Add to that the fact that the Creator line is still one of the greatest in a price per piece ratio, and the dragon in this set is just so cool I still have it on display to include it in a future project...

The set allows for building three animals, with the dragon being the "main build", and which I`ll be featuring last for the above mentioned reason.  The other, alternate, builds are either a scorpion or a snake.

Opening the box as such, we get two bags of pieces and two instruction booklets.

1. The Scorpion

So let`s start with the Scorpion build then.  This beastie begins life on tan 2x4 plate with some slopes added to it.

This serves as the basis, to which joints are added for the legs and claws afterwards.

Covering this up in red plates and wedges, the head is added with it`s mandibles, and eyes consisting of green lightbulb elements.

We then move on to the tail of the beast, consisting of several "likewise" plate builds connected to each other to give it the large cuvature.

At the end, black teeth are placed, to recreate the stinger of the insect, and then attached to the main body.

The next thing we do is put together the small legs of the scorpion, simple builds to do an effective job of supporting the whole construction.

After the top legs are done, the underlegs follow a similar, yet using bigger wedges, pattern.

The arms for the claws are then put together, using the big Bionicle style connector pieces.

At their tips, small clippers are added, to recreate a nice look for the both of them.

These are then added to the main body, and the Scorpion stands completed.

Making this alternate build will leave you with a nice pile of left over elements.

2. Snake

The smallest of the three builds, we start by building the head, using a red 2x4 as the basis.

Clips are added at the front for the fangs, while the Bionicle connector goes at the back of the head to be able to move the head in most directions.

As we cover this up in slopes, the green bulbs are once more used as the eyes of the beast.

A dark red wedge is then used to start making the head look more sinister and a connection point for the underjaw.

The underjaw of the beast is then put together, and attached to the head.

We then proceed to building the body, with the first section connected to the head.

The second then follows a mirrored approach, as the body elongates.

This is repeated once again for the next section, though this is a bit narrower as we are working towards a tailtip.

Aaaaand yup, another one in this style is next...

Sections 5 and 6 are small mirrored builds, differing by the angle of the plate on top.

The final section contains the tailtip, with the black teeth once more used as sort of stinger end for the beast.

Adding this, the beast stands completed.  Not the most exciting of builds itself, curling it up it is a mighty looking cobra like beast.

This build uses by far the fewest parts in the set, leaving your with a big stack of pieces.

3. Dragon

And then it is time to move on to the main build, the red dragon. I just love the result of this build, and it all started out as a tan 2x4 plate.

Ball joints are added at the "belly of the beast" next.

This is then secured in place with plates and the connectors for the wings are added.

The spine is then bulked up a little.

First, we are making the small front arms of the dragon.  This is a simple mirrored build but looks good with the teeth claws.

Then, we prodeed onwards with the tail of the beast, creating the first section.

Two similar, small spined sections are attached to this.

The final section has the barbed end, and the whole tail is added to the bodywork.

The back legs, short and stubby to guarantee stability, are now on the to do list for the build.

The clawed feet are then added to these legs.

Now, we move on to the simple neck piece, which will allow the head to twist and turn.

The head is started with the backside, and the central part where the jaws will be connected to.

We build the length of the muzzle up.

And using a nice technique, the teeth are added to the upper jaw of the beast.

The eyes are then added to the headpiece and enclosed in red slopes.

Flames shoot out from the mouth as our dragon breathes fire!  We connect the head to the bodywork and then can move on to the wings.

These are two mirrored builds with large dark red plates making up the panels. Forst, we do the sides of the wings closest to the body.

Next, the wingtips are on the menu and the whole wing arrays are attached to the central body.

Our mighty dragon stands completed!

And we still have some spare parts afterwards as well.

I really, really adore this set.  Like often, those 15 - 20 euro range Creator sets are often overlooked for the more spectacular or franchise sets, but it is a great range and something I love when people just "give me" Creator as christmas gifts or such, as they are always handy and stacked with elements.  A definite must buy set!

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