zondag 9 oktober 2016

The Haul Report # 50

The 50st week already, time sure does fly...

And this week, my Year Two of Dimensions arrived, so the good ol` PS3 is patched, updated, and ready to roll!

I also ordered two of the Pilgrims, and spend my about to expire VIP Points AND a coupon for 10 off for the launch of the new site, making it so that I didn`t even pay 10 euro for the whole lot incl shipping, AND got the London Bus promo, AND the bonus Spider-Man... not to shabby at all.

Earlier this week I also received a lot of Stormtroopers, who are leaving tomorrow morning again in an exchange with a friend in Holland, as more Tolkien figures will be coming my way in return.

A shop did an 80% clearance on BL earlier this week, so I grabbed all I could use somewhere from it, and barely paid anything for the pieces.  Shipping was okay as well as it had to be send from the UK, so that`s handy to boot.

Ow, and I grabbed the recent issue of Blocks from the local newsstand

That`s it for this week, see you all again in 7 days!

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