zaterdag 8 oktober 2016


From the director of the excellent District 9 film, came this grim future sci-fi flick.

Starring Matt Damon, it tells the tale of an overpopulated, poor Earth, and the rich and wealthy living in an orbital station called Elysium


Max is a low level criminal on parole, working in a droid factory to get his life stable again.  However, an accident at work poisons him and he is diagnosed with barely 5 days to live, unless he could get in a medbay over at Elysium. 

Spider, a local crimeboss, cuts him a deal that puts him in an exosuit, as they try to rob data from an Elysium director.  Unfortunatly, this contains a code that makes Max a wanted man.
They come up with a plan to go into the spacestation, and this is furthered when the daughter of his childhood love is diagnosed with leukemia.  Max devises a list to be captured and taken to Elysium by the bounty hunter Kruger, eventually overcoming the enemy and saving the citizens of Earth at the expense of his own life.


I don`t really know how to say it, but this film left a bit of a hollow feel on me.  Like there was much more that could be gotten out of it then a poor man's Mad Max / District 9 hybrid storyline.  While Matt Damon did another sterling job, and the visual effects are top-noth, I feel "unsatisfied" with the whole affair.

Perhaps it's a bit to straightforward and linear for a movie with such big promise, and it isn`t a terrible picture at all, it just didn`t deliver as much as I expected.

Rating: 6 / 10

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