vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

The Apple Thief

While not many might now this, I really love two fairy tales, namely Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.  

Not necessarily the Disney versions of them mind you, but when the figures came out and the miniatures where included, I just had to have them.  While I already used Hook as a captain in my pirate city, I needed to use Peter for something as well.

"Soldier, soldier, are you sure he went this way?"

"Aye sergeant.  The vendor said that it was a young boy, dressed like a sort of Robin Hood.  He passed his fruit stall and just snatched the apple, shouting bananarama or something."

"And he ran this way?"

"Yes yes, towards the large tree near the quay.  I asked the lady overthere if she saw anything, but she only mumbled something about finding Venonat.  Whoever that might be."

"Soldier please.  The sea is right in front of us, the tree has no trails of someone climbing in it... next you are going to tell me you think he flew away?  Get serious, and no more rum ration for you tonight!"

Hope you like this finale module to go in the Quinnsville second phase, the total city as she stands now will be shown soonish :-)

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