zondag 16 oktober 2016

The Haul Report # 51

Another week has gone by, and I did some nice exchanges and purchases this week.

Some for the own collection, some for the test I`m currently running.

Another Lake Guard polybag arrived in my possesion, from a trade I did at the BeLUG clubday, swelling further the ranks of the Men of Dale.

The kid and me had some exchanging to do, with him getting a Rey and a Nute Gunray for these two minifigs.

I also received a BL order to complete my Poggle the Lesser, and another Gandalf.

A FB purchase, I now have a Supergirl for myself to actually play with in the game, as I could get this one pretty cheap at 35 euro

A bL purchase for my upcoming Lord of the Rings moc, I needed a Ringwraith horse.

This was a lovely eBay find to include in my test, the 2230 was a 2008 airline exclusive set, and I can take a margin on that one for sure.

These where bought purely for that actual test, as Kruidvat ran a 2+1 promotion the past week.  I had a video on those published past wednesday.

Those snowtroopers I acquired last week have been traded in the meantime, having exchanged them for another heap on excellent Middle Earth denizens.

And that`s the pile for this week, onwards to more trading around :-)

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