woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Star Trek Beyond

Can`t do a sci-fi marathon as a Trekkie without a Star Trek movie now can I... and so the third film of the rebooted franchise was on the menu.

Now, I loved the first reboot movie, didn`t really like the second, but heard good things about the third.


The Enterprise is at Yorktown station for some RnR when an alien arrives looking for help.  Her ship crashed, and the Enterprise is the only vessel able to navigate a treacherous asteroid field.
Upon arrival at the planet, she is attacked and torn apart, crashing to the planet beyond any hope of repair.  The crew is largely captured bar a few stragglers, and Montgomery meets an alien mechanic named Jalah.

It turns out more ships have been brought to the planet, as it`s ruler Kraal is creating a deadly bio-weapon, and the Enterprise held the final piece.  Coming from a warrior culture, he wants the frontier to push back on the Federation, and launches an assault on Yorktown.
However, the surviving Enterprise crew find an old vessel, the USS Franklin, and pursue him.  They finally manage to catch up with him as they learn the truth.  Kraal is the old captain of the Franklin, a MACO with post-war syndrome and hellbend on making humanity strong again.


Where to start... the nostalgia feel?  The references to the old series, Enterprise especcially?  The intense tribute to Lenard Nemoy?

This was a good film, and felt back like a real Star Trek movie.  Okay, so perhaps some things where still a bit to action and less technobabbley like, and defeating an enemy fleet on the tones of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys might be a bit odd... but those are details.
I enjoyed this movie a lot, and not only for being a trekkie, but for it being just one rollercoaster space adventure.

Rating: 8 / 10

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