maandag 31 oktober 2016

Inspirational Lego # 94 : The Halloween Special

A spooky morning to all of you, as today it`s the 31st of october, and that means Halloween is upon us!

So what better way for the weekly selection of builds I saw on the internet, then to present all kinds of spooky and paranormal moc's...

The first one this week is the The Ghost Bride, based on a chinese festival.  The build is filled with all sorts of spooky details, including "hovering" participants.

The mausoleum takes a look at some scary encounters you can have walking the graveyards at night...

All things evil can be found in the legendary Necronomicon book, so read at your own risk!

Ringetsu, or The Ring, was a creepy horror movie, greatly represented in this build.

In the Carribean, the art of Voodoo bestowed all kinds of misfortunes upon the victims.

This alchemist's lab looks like all sorts of evil potions are being concocted for this special evening.

Of course, every witch has to learn her favorite manner of transportation...

Cerebus is the devilish three-headed hound that guards the gate to the Underworld, so you don`t want to come across this particular canine.

Dracula, one of the most iconic figures in the spooky stories, can`t be left out of course in a Halloween special.

Everyone loves the Gingerbread Man, but what if he turned evil?

And that`s the selection for this week again, hope you liked it and enjoy your Halloween night.  And don`t worry about the monster on the attic, it has been eaten by the clown under your bed.

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