zondag 30 oktober 2016

The Haul Report # 53

Here we are again with the sunday episode of the stuff I managed to acquire this week.

It`s been a good week, with a nice collection of little items added for the collection, for the kid, and a little bit for the investing test as well this time round.

The first things I obtained where two Fun Packs for Dimensions, making use of the "end of line" on certain packs at the Bart Smit toystore chain.  This meant they only cost 8 euro, the pity part is that's it only Chima and the Lego Movie packs that they are clearing out, but as I still lacked these two...

At FACTS I had some people pass by with whom I had done some trades over on Facebook.  The first thing was this BB-8 minifigure I bought of someone for the kid.  He can just have this one for his good grades at school.

Secondly was this pile of CMF's and a small Star Wars part of a set.  I traded these for some old GI Joe's and a pile of Pokemon cards.

I also did some regular buying over on Facebook.  These two are from the advent calendar, but I paid only 0.50 cents per figure for reinvesting in the test.

The bigger lot is a bit of a split up.  The event bricks are for me, the Ashajj is to exchange with the kid in the future (I ordered her lightsaber handles seperatly this week, and they are underway), while the regular "non basic clone" troopers are for putting in the test.  Including postage, they came to 1.72 euro per figure, a fantastic price!

And that's it once again for the week, not to shabby and some great finds in local groups to "dabble in peanuts" in the current weeks.

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