zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

Build Report: 75075 Microfighters AT-AT

On a day where I`m watching scifi flick after scifi flick, what better build report to feature then one of a sci-fi set.

Today`s build is one of perhaps the cutest Microfighter set released so far, the AT-AT walker from Series 2.

Opening the box, we get the instructions and two bags of elements.

The included minifigure is the AT-AT driver, armed with a blast pistol and with some excellent printing on his body and helmet.

The base of the model is the modest 2x4 Dark blueish gray plate.

Technic bricks and pins are added to this, so the legs can be attached later on as we fill up the belly of the model.

The backside is then put together next, leaving space for the driver to sit.

As we put the neck together first, we move on to the construction of the sides of the walker, which will hold missiles at it`s side.

The head is put together next, and goes to the front of the bodywork.

The typical cannons on the side of the AT-AT are then added to this.

Next, the four simple legs are made for the walker, and attached to the bodywork.

All that is left is to insert the two flickfire missiles.

And the full set stands completed:

As usual, a few additional pieces where included as well:

This is a fun little set, and as you can see by it`s looks, it`s understandable it has been featured a lot when it came out in funny photo`s where it`s seen as an AT-AT "puppy".  It`s a great chibi rendition of an iconic Star Wars vehicle.

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