dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Build Report: 40153 Birthday Cake

So, backlog hmmmm.  I`ve build this set for the kid when he turned 10... and a few weeks ago he already turned 11.

Now, the set forms a small cake, with enough yellow pieces to add any number from 1 to 99 at the front.

Opening the box, we get the instructions, a large brown dish, and three bags of elements.

It all begins on large green curved plates, to which a red slope is attached.

More curves are then added to the frontside, and kept in place by basic bricks for connecting them together.

As we place the edge of the cake, the hinge part for the popping up jester is installed.

The edges are then build up, and the top is closed off with brown plates, curved and straight, leaving an opening for the figure.

This is only a half figure though (I gave the kid a set of legs to go with the model), and is placed on a large plate and then inserted in the open area.

A white layer is placed around the figure, as we make the second level of the cake to house the body.

Decorations are added around the cake next.

Next, we build the top of the cake and install it, well, at the top.  This pops open when you push the lever at the back, causing the jester to appear from the cake.

And the full set completed:

The set had a lot of extra pieces, mainly yellow bricks for the numbers at the front, but I forgot to take a picture of that. 

It`s a nice little gift for a birthday, and even a great thing to part out with all the curved elements in it, definitly worth the money.

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