zondag 9 oktober 2016

Dimensions Year 2 - lots of new Gold bricks

Year 2 of the excellent Dimensions game is upon us, and yesterday night I spend about 3 hours downloading and installing all the new expansions available.

And it looks I got a lot of playing hours in front of me :-)

The game has a serious boost in new Gold Bricks in adventure worlds to collect, and suddenly my 371 / 480 bricks obtained looks miserable.  The game has been expanded with nearly 600 new gold bricks to try and collect, raising the bar to 1068 bricks to get.

There also are 16 new red bricks added, including personal favorites like the stud magnet one, as the game counts no less then 16 new Franchise worlds that will be possible to be visited over the course of the waves, currently available being Gohstbusters 2016, Mission Impossible, Adventure Time, A-Team and Harry Potter, so a lot is still on the horizon.

Of course, more trophies have been added.  For regular one level packs these are the classic threesome from year one, being completing the level, obtaining a single minikit part and getting rulesbreaker.  But for the storypacks three more are added, being completing all the levels in the pack, completing an event in the adventure world, and getting rulebreaker in said adventure world.

Good times ahead!

Now the only thing I need to decide for myself is how to go about this, firstly trying to clean up the remaining ones from year 1 as the third marathon never happened due to circumstances, or to jump in into year two and grab what I already can...

... I guess the second, new shiny stuff etc ;-)

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